02/10/18- Guest Submission from Faheem J. (New York, NY)


by Faheem J. (New York, NY)



“Anger is motivating and draining.”





Anger is more than just about being mad something or someone. It is a drug that can become addictive if you let it. I would go on a rant, but I have nothing to rant about. Hell, I have nothing to be upset about. Yet, it can happen, and when it does, boy do I feel good. But after, it becomes mentally draining. You inevitably lose focus, and drain yourself of productivity.




To some people, anger is a safety blanket. We feel secure when we’re angry because it is the easiest emotion to have in life. It takes work to be happy and remain happy. But to be mad, now that can be accomplished in a matter of seconds. Hard to be happy when so much of our society is in a dark place. And what’s crazy, sometimes we want society to be made with us. And when they’re not, we look at them as if they have the problem. When in reality, the happy ones have figured out something the angry ones haven’t.




Like I said earlier, when we get angry, in the moment it’s good, but when it wears off, we feel worst than before the anger. And like I also said, you lose energy, effectiveness, and productivity. Try this once:


  1. Get as mad as you can possibly get; make up a scenario.
  2. Walk around ranting about the people in the scenario.
  3. Take it to the extreme by even incorporating something violent into the scenario.
  4. Then once you’ve hit your climactic point, observe some things.
    1. Time you ranted
    2. Heart rate
    3. Focus


Once you have done the first 3, then look over the anger. You’ll notice you’ve wasted time, you can’t work on anything after because you’re so heated, and have lost focus. So my rant is more than a rant. It aims at how the rant can rob you of productivity. Because inevitably, a rant forces you to lose progress. Then you sink to an even deeper place then before the rant. Now you have to rant at this new low, then rant at the next low. Eventually, you’re too low to rant because ranting takes energy; energy you have at this point depleted from low level to new low level.


Faheem J. (New York, NY)

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