I understand that your kids have food allergies, please understand that my kids don’t. (Part of the “pussifacation” of America series)

Well it happened, we received the list of kids in my daughters class in order to ensure everyone receives a valentine. Of course the letter reminded us half a dozen times that no food is allowed WHATSOEVER! 


Now before you want to throw me off a roof, this is not a post talking shit about kids with food allergies, with that being said  better them then me however I do actually feel for these kids and can’t imagine having to deal with it.

Now thinking back to when I was a kid I can’t remotely remember anyone of my friends having an allergy to anything. We always brought food to school for special occasions, hell sometimes the teacher would bring in cookies or candy just for shits and giggles.

What has happened over the past thirty or so years? I have friends with kids that have food allergies and by the time they were five years old they knew what they could and couldn’t eat. Also if they were unsure they had the sense enough to ask an adult if what was being served had (for example) nuts in it because they were taught at an early age what to do when it came to snacking with their friends.

This is a clear example of the “pussifacation” of America, let’s stop making things fun just because a couple of kids can’t eat a peanut butter cup or the birthday cake isn’t “gluten free”.

For obvious reasons I’m going to just concentrate on what schools allow or don’t allow.

Kids birthday, “Please bring in non-food items” parents send in “cool” themed pencils and erasers.

Halloween, “please bring in non-food items” parents send in “Halloween” themed pencils and erasers ”

Christmas, “please bring in non-food items” parents send in… well you get my fucking point!!

Every time I reach for a pencil in my house it’s a fucking holiday or sports/princess themed pencil.

I feel like calling the fucking school and explaining to them that kids hate this shit and will not be disappointed if they don’t get pencil number three for the week.

All of this being said, I know the school districts are afraid of lawsuits and the few asshole parents who would actually complain. An easy solution would be have all the kids bring in something and just ask the parents of the kids with food allergies to bring in something that their kid can eat. BOOM problem solved! If little Timmy can’t eat anything with tree nuts then he brings in something without them. You get my point…

Then, you have the kids who have absolutely zero allergies but their parents treat them like porcelain dolls and that if they eat one cupcake and a can of soda they will be obese. These are the people who watch daytime television and hear these doctors talk about the weight problems that children can experience with an unhealthy diet. Well I have one word for these parents; MODERATION !!, let me say that again; MODERATION!!! If your kids want fast food let them have  it, once every two weeks or so, that my readers is straight up moderation. These kids that are deprived of the yummy snacks and have fucking raisins or an apple shoved down their throat instead of the basic human right of having a nice ice cream sundae once a week are the kids that are going to rebel and either sneak the food so their parents don’t see or stuff their faces at a friends house to the point of that friends parent asking themselves “does this kid eat at home”?. I know that I am getting off track here but fuck you its my blog and I will  go as far off track as I wish, but back to the topic at hand.

The parents of the kids with no allergies seem to be the ring leaders of the “pussifacation” of America and are usually the classroom parent so they can control what is going on. I know that the school district makes these policies but it’s because these parents lead the charge of the anti-yummysnack movement. These people need to be rounded up and given their own state or territory so they can sit around and sing kumbaya while eating kale chips and drinking triple filtered kid friendly water in BPA free bottles.

Me? Well I will be sitting here with my bag of chocolate watching a PG-13 rated war movie and my kids will be sitting right next to me.

Until next time,

Brutally Honest Dad

11 thoughts on “I understand that your kids have food allergies, please understand that my kids don’t. (Part of the “pussifacation” of America series)”

  1. You forget how friendly children are (and how mean). A child might pressure another child or want to share. Several horrendous stories exist about kids of all ages exposing others to their allergy foods. Then you may not realize that the slightest touch can cause a problem. I had to leave pre-school once for simply touching peanut butter and later touching my face (which blew up like a balloon the rest of the day) because the teacher thought it would be fine since I wasn’t eating it. She meant well, but she guessed horribly wrong. Things have changed a lot since I was in school; I agree it’s not necessarily progress either. However, we should all respect each other’s health, even just for general junk food. Unhealthy food has become such a norm in American culture, and we don’t want to continue our trend of obesity and heart disease. It’s pathetic to think that most our health problems stem from our own unhealthy choices (unlike life threatening allergies that you can’t control). People can die from allergies in a matter of minutes, and people can develop an unhealthy weight or heart over time with poor food choices. I understand you said moderation, but most people don’t understand that and still go over what they should have. Also, paper Valentines are not pencils or food and are AWESOME!

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  2. Totally laugh-snorted my hot chocolate at *This is a clear example of the “pussifacation” of America*. As a mother of a certain age who has seven children ranging from 8 to 22, I have watched and lamented the ridiculously exaggerated mollycoddling of American children for two decades and I just pray to the gods of parenting and reason that this absurdity has reached its apex, though I fear it has not. We’ve reared at least two generations who have neither the will nor the inner resources to grow the fuck up. It’s both heartbreaking and pathetic. Allergies and medical conditions aside, when did this shift of “for the good of all” switch to “the good of one individual” — I believe it’s a squarely Western notion led by the Individualist movement of the selfish “Me” generation. The Holy “I” now reigns supreme. Barf.

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  3. You’re obviously clueless as to the serious (and potentially lethal) consequences of food allergies. As a mid 50’s adult male with serious food allergies, I’ve had my share of encounters with food items that caused serious allergic reactions. Twice as a child, I had to go to the emergency room for a very dangerous condition known as Anaphylaxis Shock. (https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/anaphylaxis/symptoms-causes/syc-20351468) I’ve several accounts as an adult of encounters with food allergens…the smallest amount of which will cause my body to react in a way that I suspect you’ve never dealt with. As a result, I carry a very expensive EpiPen…which must be obtained via prescription and is NOT covered by my health insurance. Anyone…including the children and parents you’re castigating…could (and have) had their lives saved by the use of this emergency medication. Taking precautions is simply being courteous, considerate, and showing that one has the intelligence to realize that there are people of all ages for whom some food items are deadly poison. This has nothing to do with the (as you call it) “pussifacation” of America.

    If that’s the only adjective you can use to describe your sophomoric gripe, I doubt your ability to comprehend the nature of allergens and their severe…and potentially lethal…effects on human physiology.

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  4. Not just USA; it’s the same here in the UK. The real problem is nobody is looking at the cause of so many children having allergies and attempting to do something to remove those causes. You say that when you were young children did not have allergies. You’re clearly much younger than me but I can say quite definitely when I was a child such allergies were very rare. It’s the same with mental health; the number of children and teenagers with mental health problems is astounding but the calls are only for more and more money to be poured into treating the illness(es) not for removing the cause(es). I don’t know the situation in USA but a recent survey by the NSPCC showed that UK children are among the unhappiest in the world. Having worked with children in extremely poor environments in other countries my own experience shows this to be true.


  5. As you said yourself, moderation is key, even in opinions. This debate is not an all or nothing. Peanut oil has been used in the past as a adjuvant in vaccines. Some theorize that this has led to the huge uptick in peanut allergies, for example. My feelings about this subject are mixed. My son with a severe dairy allergy would have died if I didn’t teach him at a young age not to listen to ignorant adults who insisted that “good cream” on cake couldn’t produce allergic reactions. My kids learned early that life is not fair and that not all adults are intelligent.

    I remember the rare times we had treats in school as a kid. I’ve raised 5 kids and taught at a school for years. The crazy amount of junk food given by teachers as a reward and the enormous lunches sent with kids to school really blows my mind. I especially hate seeing kids on sports end practice with a snack!!!! Go home and have dinner as a family! Also, are these obese little kids really in danger of dehydration every five seconds? Water bottles, snacks and more snacks–they’re thirsty because they’re eating so much sugar! Okay, I’m not staying moderate here…


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